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For Minted Cloud, a dishonest profit is no profit at all. Our moral compass permeates throughout our tactical decision making.

We are not engaged in manipulations and intrigue with our customers. Minted Cloud is a consultancy that profits by practicing and proving our proficiency in the various IT services we provide and receiving an hourly rate for that service.

We never resell licenses or other software products, we only sell our services.

Is your customer and employee data protected and compliant?


The goodwill and trust you build with past, present and future customers should be reflected in the security of the services hosting your customer data. Preventable data loss immediately impacts organizations and if you aren’t proactively seeking and addressing the security /data residency bottlenecks that can cause data loss!


Some companies cannot be motivated by the social responsibility and vigilance it requires to design and implement an appropriate data governance and identity access management strategy. Federal and industry regulatory standards such as HIPPA, GDPR, PCI, DSS, SOX and the like have hefty requirements with equally hefty fines. Address proactively!


Brilliant ideas, effective teams, fulfilled customer needs and countless hours of productivity are the makeup of your business. Below are just a few of the industries we’ve assisted:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Realtor Companies
  • Real Estate Investment Companies
  • Digital Media Agencies
  • IT Service Providers
  • Streaming Service Providers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Construction Companies
  • Hospital Systems


What We Offer


Minted Cloud is a company that multiple recruitment firms contact in order for their MSP clientele to service under – delivered contracts that were poorly scoped. IT projects that are poorly scoped happen when customers and consultants alike don’t have an understanding on the pros and cons of the countless technical offerings available in the marketplace. This lack of a baseline from which to deliver a positive business outcome can ruin the customer’s email/data/domain migration to a new cloud vendor like AWS or Office 365.


With Managed IT Services from Minted Cloud, your business gains our experienced and methodical approach to IT project management, architecture, engineering and technical support. With our rigorously selected and retained talent, you can start transitioning away from over paid/underutilized staff and contractors who are likely managing you into an unsupportable ecosystem of redundant or inefficient software. The cloud that we service? Our technical cloud consultants are able to be engaged ad-hoc and around the clock to service your most critical business functions, when you need it.


Most managed Service Providers are monolithic organizations that have acquired cloud migration/ digital transformation clientele solely based on past performance with these customers. The problem is that this past performance is delivering now outdated technology. Minted Cloud will remain on the vanguard of the cloud IT space to provide the level of service fundamental in delivering such a disruptive change as embracing the inevitably of the cloud in your organization.

Did you know Cloud Computing represents a $200,000,000,000+ market share.

Many ill-trained IT Sales and Technical Professionals are running confidence scams, failing to properly scope projects and getting sign-off’s on SOW’s that are destined for failure…

Work With Us

A Team of Talented Authentication Experts

Contemplating deploying Azure AD, AWS or Google SSO? No need for further analysis paralysis: Azure AD, AWS, and Google all have achieved strong 3rd party vendor support, albeit from different vendors and thus you have an excellent decision to make: engage consultants who regularly work on designing, deploying and managing SSO instances.

Our customers express universal distaste for managing 8,000,000 different accounts across 16,000,000 different applications, having to sign in to each of these applications and dealing with the subsequent logouts is a source of password fatigue as well as accumulative hours upon hours of loss productivity. Don’t let the long term effects of unchecked password fatigue (employee apathy, disdain, eventual mutiny) ravage your company. Treat the fundamental issue of “too many logins, not enough time” like the emergency it is and work with a company like Minted Cloud that understands the severity of this frequently unchecked problem. We assist in delivery of he applicable API’s, access rights, applications and all that other good stuff based on your organizational structure and manage the service for a as long as you require us to.


Secure single-sign on shouldn’t be a hassle. 


Minted Cloud architects have designed and deployed SSO implementations

Helping ease the authentication experience for over 200,000+ users, across multiple companies and multiple continents.

In days past, the thought of a seamless and secure SSO process with more than 3 software vendors was laughable. In 2019, it is achievable in almost any organization. Easing the transition to productive, customer-centric cloud services for IT departments is what we consistently excel at doing. Engage our expertise during a scoping conversations with our Authentication Experts by scheduling an appointment.
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