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Our Website Design Strategy

With every web design project we take on we use a similar process to make sure the job is done right and with the utmost professionalism to satisfy any of our customer needs. Check out our set of services below, and get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


Step 1

When we start a new web design project, we get to know you and your business, meaning we treat you like a real person, not a number. We discuss your brand, we want to know what your company is all about, who’s your ideal customer, and how you connect with your customers online. By the end of the meeting we want to have a good understanding about what you want to accomplish with your website and branding.

Some other information we gather in the initial meeting are the color scheme, your motto, what separates your business from the rest. We focus on what you want your customers to do when they get on your website like…”I want customers to fill out a contact form”, or “I want customers to purchase a service on my website.

Step 2

The breakdown / estimate – we send a thorough bid and breakdown, which covers the following, but not limited to: what we will do on the website, styles, functions, pages, timeline, and pricing. If you accept the terms of the estimate we will create an invoice and contract, which covers the scope of the bid. The initial deposit is typically 50% (non-refundable) of the total and is due before we start.

Step 3

You know your business, you are passionate about the things your business is doing, and you are knowledgeable about what matters to your customers. For this reason, we strongly recommend you write the content of your website (if you would like us to write the text for the website, please advise our team, but know there will be an additional fee for content writing).

A mock up is designed and sent to you, we use it to give you an idea of how the website will look before we go into development. This is typically the front page of the website.


Step 4

Your website will be designed and developed. I will provide you with a link to view the progress of your website in real time. This means you can input change requests to us, so we can make those changes seamlessly.

​Once, the initial draft is ready we ask our customers to send itemized lists of all the changes (ie. image, text, place and structure changes) they would like on the website. Our team will go down the list of changes and address each item, so there is no miscommunication when it comes to getting your website just the way you envisioned it. We make it a point to address each change as we make them, and will answer any questions.

With technology as a major driving force in business today, the need for a strong online presence and web development strategy has become more important than ever before. With every web design project we take on – we use a similar process to make sure the job is done right and with the utmost professionalism to satisfy any web development needs. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


We’re designers with an immersive creative branding process from establishing your visual identy to developing your overal brand strategy, your brand will be recognizable.


We help you preserve what you love about your current theme, but breathe new life into it, so you can appeal to the kind of discerning customers you want.


We’ll help you define the colors, typography and imagery that identify your business and make it unique. We provide our clients with a range of print collateral and design services.

A Dynamic Custom Website Design

We work closely with you throughout the planning, design and development process to ensure that the website we create functions perfectly and looks great too!

Thank you Minted Cloud you were friendly and very helpful!  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Julian C


You never gave up on solving our problem, I am very impressed. Thank you and your wonderful team for working on our website adding the updates suggested.

Veronica S

Office Manager

Professional, knowledgeable, able to meet deadlines. Cost is a little high but I was able to get a discount since we had a larger project. Roy F

Marketing Manager

We know you will be happy with our service because we make it our business to help your business succeed. Have something more custom in mind? Get A Quote

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