WordPress Maintenance & Support

From development to security and updates, we do it all!

Our Process

We minimizes the time investment required from the owner and results in a website that can be maintained and updated daily without the interference of your work productivity.

Expert Support

WordPress Updates

You don’t need to worry about site updates, let Minted Cloud handle it for you.

Data Backup

We provide nightly backups of your database and file system so you won’t have to worry about losing your data.


Minted Cloud makes sure that your WordPress site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring.


We’re designers with immersive knowledge in securing critical WordPress components like plug-ins, software, themes, and back end programming.


Payment portals, premium forums, webinars, video and other forms of content make up your website and we ensure secure, industry-compliant access.


Minted Cloud is solution-oriented We provide as much assistance as your organization needs, ranging from ad-hoc WordPress support to a full time maintenance resource.

A Dynamic Custom Website Design

We work closely with you throughout the planning, design and development process to ensure that the website we create functions perfectly and looks great too!

We help you preserve what you love about your current theme, but breathe new life into it, so you can appeal to the kind of discerning customers you want.

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Minted Cloud Website Design & Business IT

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